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“Love is patient, love is kind”.  

1 Corinthians 13:4

We are delighted that you are considering getting married at one of our churches.

The decisions, promises & commitment you will make will be binding upon you for life, and in coming to the church for your marriage, you are asking God to be part of your marriage.

Be assured of the church’s prayers for you as you make your preparations. As part of your preparations, we invite you to join us for regular worship.You are most welcome at any of our services which can be found by clicking on the Services button.

Below are some questions you might have:

Do I need to be an Anglican? 

No but at least one person must be a baptised person. In our Church you would be married according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Anglican Church of Australia.

What do I need? 

You will need full birth certificates for both bride and groom.  If you’ve been married before, then a divorce or death certificate will need to be produced before the signing of the Notice of Intended Marriage and permission will be needed from the Bishop. 

When do I meet the Priest? 

After you have decided on a  date for your wedding, and booked it in, you'll meet with the priest to fill in A Notice-of- Intended-Marriage form which must be completed at least 30 days prior to your wedding.The form may be filled out on line (for website click here), printed off and brought to the interview or filled in at the interview. Bring along your birth certificates and you can discuss the order of service, your family and friends participation as well as practical arrangements such as the rehearsal, photographers and videos etc.

Can I Be Married In Another Location?

Yes but permission will be required from the Bishop.

Do I Need To Do Marriage Preparation?

All couples asking to be married are required to do the course Prepare/Enrich. This will involve 1 session and cost is $42. You will be given more information  at your first interview.


What is the cost? 

You pay a fee of  $450 for the cost of the Priest and the Church, or if you choose to be married outside of the church building at a location of your choice the cost is $350.


Do I Need Flowers?

The flowers that are used for Sunday worship may be used at no cost.  If you’d like the parish to provide flowers the cost is $100. This will depend on what flowers you’d like to have and how many. If you wish to provide and arrange flowers for your wedding, please discuss this with the priest.


What Music Can I Have?

Our churches all have an organ and our organists are competent with both traditional and appropriate contemporary music. The engagement of singers and/or the use of recorded music needs to be discussed with the priest. The organist's fee is $120


Can I have Pew Decorations? 

Pew decorations may be attached to the ends of the pews with ribbon or elastic only. 


Can we use Confetti?

The use of confetti is not permitted in the church or grounds.

Does the parish provide Service Booklets? 

The church can provide service booklets and the form of these will be discussed with you by the priest.  The price is 75 cents each. If you wish to produce your own service sheet, strict copyright laws apply to the words of services, Bible passages and songs, hymns and poems. The priest will advise you on this matter.


For further enquiries, please contact us on 02 49567344

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